Naomi Tyrrell performs, teaches and develops interactive educational curriculum and she is also an experienced interfaith officiant. Naomi has appeared on stages throughout North America and Internationally, including Hong Kong, Yugoslavia, Japan and off-broadway New York.

Naomi has worked for prestigious organizations, such as the CBC, TVO, Mariposa in the Schools, Prologue for the Performing Arts, Arts for Children and Youth, OISE, Code, among others.

She has worked with accomplished artists and educators, such as R. Murray Schafer, Paul Gaulin, Richard Pochinko, Phillipe Gaulier, Peter Jarvis,

In addition Naomi has develop program curriculum with leading child experts such as Expressive Arts Therapist/Psychologist, Jennifer Pearson and Child Psychiatrist, Ruth Stirtzinger.


What The Industry Says

About Naomi...


"Naomi  teaches, performs, writes and developes her unique style of educational entertainment. Now she is exploring a new focus on mental health awareness through integrated arts."



"Naomi is welcoming, engaging, collaborative, innovative and has a commitment to her vision of inclusivity and a mandate for celebrating art, education, culture and community."